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Jahi Sadiq-El Intricate 2013



Why shoot with Intricate Photography?

I am experienced in many forms of Photography but Portraiture is by far the form I am most passionate about. It allows me to connect with my client and really bring out their personality. I have photographed all types of people from modeling professionals trying to expand their portfolios to loving families that want to capture a great moment at an event. I have been a professional photographer for seven years running my own photography studio in Philadelphia. This is my passion in life and I will always provide you with the best image possible while providing great and personable customer service. This is not just a business for me but a form of art that I grown to really love. 



Jahi Sadiq-El Intricate 2013

Why we should meet-up before our session?

I like to meet every client before hand because it allows me to learn exactly what you have in mind for our session. Experience has taught me that things go much smoother when everyone is on the same page. We can cover time, location, makeup, prints, as well my contract. It is very important that you are as comfortable as possible when we have our session. If you are not comfortable it will show in your photos and I won't be giving you my very best work. So let's meet up and find out how to make this a great session! 

I am old school because I still Print?

In this modern age of technology I know that many feel that prints are thing of the past. I don't agree at all. I have enjoyed printing my photos since the first time I developed my own film in college. I didn't just to learn the shooting part of photography I wanted to learn the proper way to print my photos as well.  

What can I expect from our session?

My sessions are two hours. We will meet either at my studio or at the agreed upon location. I will as always be there early. You can bring someone with you if you feel a buddy will help you relax. You should bring your music as well it has a way of helping people relax. When our session is over you will get a link to a gallery that shows all of the photos taken during our session.

Location, Location, Location! Where will we shoot?

The location of our session will depend on what type of photo session you are interested in. We can shoot where ever you are the most comfortable. I have a studio in my home in Daegu and it is located about 15 minutes from Camp Walker. This is my ideal location because it gives me the most control over the light. I also have many locations around Daegu that offer great backgrounds for photos.

Jahi Sadiq-El Intricate 2013

Rates, Payments & Deposits

My Sessions are 300.00 for a two-hour shoot. I am able to provide rates for short sessions depending on your needs. 

A deposit is required to hold your appointment date, the deposit is $50, for all sessions. If the session is a wedding I 1/2 of the full payment is required to hold the date. Your deposit is non-refundable. This is non-negotiable. I will reschedule your session due to weather or illness. 

Payment must be made in FULL for your session 24 hours before our scheduled date. If you decide you would like any additional products at our last meet up, you must purchase those items a la carte that day. These also must be paid in full. I will send all invoices via email through PayPal or you can complete payment by Square in person. 

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I retain the right to cancel a session due to weather, illness or if you are late and do NOT communicate with me. Communication is very important in any business. You can always reach me by phone, email, facebook, etc. I will always reschedule if I had to cancel the date for any reason of my own accord.